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Photographing Your Products For Ecommerce Websites, Online Marketplace and even in Catalogs.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor/wholesaler or even retailer, we all know the value of using quality product images in marketing your product. It essentially increases your chance for a conversion or sales. 
MarkfrancisG Photography aims to assist you in creating the product images you need. The images we deliver with our Product Photography On White Background service, includes  Worldwide Unlimited Usage in Perpetuity. So you can use it as much as you want forever.

Clean, simple AND COLOR CORRECTED images to Help you sell your products Better.
Step 1 - Inquiry
1) Determine your Total Number of Images needed for the project, as we charge Per Image. 
Also Let us know if you have any specific directions on how you want it shot.
 We request that you create a shot list, this is an itemized list of all photos you need.  You can also use our shotlist template to create your own.
2) Fill out the Information Form at the bottom of this page
3) We will email you to clarify the details of the project and will request for the complete Shotlist.  An estimate based on your requirements will be sent for your approval. It includes our Term and Conditions.
Note: If you wish to shoot on your location,  we will be providing a mobile studio set and we have a minimum fee per project to cover our time and expenses in transporting and set up/back up our equipment on location. Please also take note on-site shoot may imply some unforeseen limitations for photography.
STEP 2 - Advance Payment
We require A non-refundable Advance payment of at least fifty percent of total amount to reserved the date and initiate production. We accept payments via bank account, credit or debit card through Paypal or other agreed method of payment. 
Choose the best sample products and prepare it for the shoot. Make sure every product on the shot list is included to avoid delays.
Step 3 - We Photograph and Post-process the Images
This is why you chose us. Upon receiving of your products we will inspect for any damage during transport.
Step 4 - Review, Approve and Payment of Remaining Balance
1.Choose and approve the images you want to use. 
2.Make payment for the remaining balance via bank account, credit or debit card through Paypal or other agreed method of payment. 
STEP 5 -Download 
We will send a download link of the files after full payment is confirmed.
WHAT we provide
Included SUmmARY​​​​​​​
Products are photograph to produce pure white background (255,255,255). To meet most Ecommerce platform standard. It will also  look consistent and seamlessly match each photos.
Basic retouching like color correction, removal of dust, scratches and minor imperfections is included at no additional cost.  However any additional retouching request by the Client will be quoted on a case-by case basis.
- images delivery after 2-3 weeks after the product is received (for 400 images below).
- online delivery for download of files
 JPEG 3000 X 3000 pixels at 300 DPI
We charge based on the number of images needed, with a significant savings for larger orders.
This means if you have three products and you want 4 photos each, you will be charged for a total of 12 photos. Also the rate per image will be higher if you only need 1 product image compared if the project will require 6 images or more.
We can accommodate small orders, however for on location shoot we have a required minimum order. If you'll need 250+ images, you'll get the best pricing.
We have separate pricing for  Jewelry/Watches and Ghost Mannequin as this images requires a lot more attention to details therefore longer preparation time and shooting. It also require more advance photo editing.
*weight under 20lbs
*size under 2 feet in any dimensions
*group arrangement up to 3 pieces
If you require high volume of images , multiple times per year, we are interested in discussing on  creating long-term partnership.
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RUSH Image delivery within 3-5 days upon receipt of products and full payment. Billed per images maximum of 50 images.
Clipped path or Transparency file this will allow you to use the images on different background. Delivered as a PNG or Tiff file.
Product Assembly - We charge per hour if the products needs to be assembled before shooting.
On-site Photography - We will be providing a mobile studio set. Please also take note on-site shoot may imply some unforeseen limitations for photography.
Quality product photos  are investments, It is created for the purpose of helping you generate sales.
WE photograph the products for you, so you can focus on selling.
We try to reply to all our emails within  24 hours.
Thank you for sending your inquiry! We will get back to you as soon as we can.
*We request that you send your inquiries at least two (2) weeks before your preferred session date. This time allowance will allow us to discuss your needs and our booking terms. *Kindly include a contact number and the best time to contact you.
For other inquiries and proposal  please use our contact page. click here. or simply email us at
You can also reach me via social network site:

Looking for images that are more styled and creatively shot to fit for your specific branding. For campaign/advertisement project and other Commercial use. Email me with the project brief at 
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